Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Sarkies Corner @ E & O Hotel, Penang

Ever since after the dinner @ Sarkies Corner @ E & O Hotel, hubby asked me to post this blog and I kept postponing it as I have to squeeze everything in this blog. ^-^ And some of the blogger's friends suggest that I can go for Part 1, Part 2 and so on........ But I decided to do it in one posts.
This is actually my hubby birthday celebration few months ago. I asked hubby to choose where he gonna have his birthday celebration this year and he felt like having some buffet. Hubby wants something out of Bayan Lepas area so in my mind, there are two suggestion, one is Spice Market
Cafe @Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa and the other one is Sarkies Corner @ E & O Hotel. Since hubby birthday is fall on Friday and we intend to go after work. So we chose Sarkies Corner to avoid the long hour drive from Bayan Lepas.

Sarkies Corner
Address: 10 Lebuh Farquhar,10200 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel : +(6) 04 222 2000 Ext 3175
Fridays and Saturdays from 7pm-10.30pm.

Table setting and Interior of Sarkies Corner
Usually people will blog about the entree, follow by the main course and desserts. Today, I decided to blog another way round. I will start with the desserts first. As there are lots of desserts to choose from. I think I don't have to elaborate more about this and will let the pictures do all the talking. ^-^
Chocolate Fountain Corner and with marshmallow, fruits (strawberry and grapes) and all sort of nuts, raisin and chocolate for the ice-cream toppings. Opps..... did not take photos of the ice-cream corner...... ^-^
Want to have some ice-cendol? Want more corns, kidney beans.......... in your cendol? Feel free to make your own ice-cendol.
Assorted cakes, creme brulee, chocolate, jelly....... OMG that's a lot of this. While I am busy taking this photos, I kept telling myself that I "MUST" spare some of my tummy space for all these desserts. lol
Assorted starters and salads to choose from. I am sure there are something you will love from every corner.
Want to have some sashimi, tuna, mussels, prawn, smoked salmon,turkey slice? Well, you can always come here and choose whatever you want and also have varieties of sauces to go with.
Not enough of sashimi? Want some fresh oysters and scallop? Well, there are one corner you can find this fresh oysters and scallop. Furthermore, there are also crab stick, assorted of meat slice, century eggs.........
And don't worry about the oysters and scallop being gone in no time. As it was always being filled when they run out.
Want some roast chicken, duck, meat, corn and assorted vegetables?
Also they have one BBQ/grilled section of assorted seafood's. You can asked the chef to help you to cook assorted seafood's available. And they are very friendly and attentive too.
There are some deep fried food section too. There are lots of varieties such as calamari, prawn, small crab, tiny octopus.......... It is some of fingers food available in the deep fried section next to the grilled/BBQ counter.
There are varieties of other cooked foods such as curry chicken, mussels, vegetables, fried rice and.........
Above are some of the foods that we ate. I did not take all of the photos since I am busy eating after around 30 minutes of taking photos from almost every corner. ^-^ The spaghetti and pasta can be ordered through the cooking section where chef will cook for you after you chose what type of pasta/spaghetti. And we had few plates of that too.
Another thing to be mention here, is they also provided free flow of beers, red wine, white wine....... as some other place you have to pay for the drinks.
I would recommend that this place to my friends, families and readers as it is a nice place to dine with and furthermore, the service that we had for that night is so wonderful. While I am busy taking photos, hubby and my gal already started eating. And on one occasion, hubby went to the nearby counter to get some food and my gal was enjoying her foods by herself. One of the waiter came over and tell my gal that she got some chocolate on her face and asked my gal to wipe it off. Hmm..... I feel that they are very attentive to all their customers and make their customer feel like at home. So three of us enjoy the buffet dinner very much.
The buffet dinner cost us RM193.55 (including service charge and government tax). You might be wondering huh???? why different with the price? Well, we get some discount if you pay with certain credit card. ^-^ The actual price is RM99++ for Adults, RM46.00++ for Children.


worldwindows said...

My goodness - need to go with an empty stomach. My choice - scallops, oysters, shrimps....

Anonymous said...

really spoilt by the choices of food available....i've dined there many years back, but not their buffet...seems to be interesting ya!

buzzingbee said...

wahhh so many choices. see also full already! haha

cariso said...

I believe if I were to go, I will skip that cooked food, and deep fried food and spare my stomachs for mainly Jap & desserts! :) Btw, what bank uh that credit card ?

tigerfish said...

Chendol? yes yes..feel like having it now!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love chocolate fountains!! We have one and we use it when we have family celebrations. I think your Ice Cendol is like our Halo-Halo..

Love your post!

allie said...

I'd just grab some main course and attack all the desserts! :D

New Kid on the Blog said...

wah!!!! what a wonderful dinner leh!!

ck lam said...

It's good to see such a wide spread of food and dessert.

Steven Goh said...

I suggest to go makan there with 2 days of fasting so that can eat more... the scallops and oyster are great leh....

Food For Tots said...

Luckily it is a buffet, otherwise by the time you finish your shooting, nothing is left. How abt their high tea? I heard that it is not bad. ;)

Little Inbox said...

Your girl loves the chocolate fountain? I guess she is. :)

allenooi said...

i also went there during the grilled theme buffet. not bad. i not yet posted.

Big Boys Oven said...

OMG! walio! so many food so many variety, something really to die for! lol! when you want to babe me out? ....ssssshhhh!

Unknown said...

worldwindows - ya you are right. SO can have more. ^-^

SimpleGirl - try it next time when you are in Penang. ^-^

buzzingbee - go and try it out. ^-^

cariso - lol also the desserts. I email you already regarding the bank. ^-^

tigerfish - Then go and grab it now. ^-^

peachkins - wow... how nice, you own a chocolate fountain. ^-^ Really? Halo-halo = chendol? Then will try it out if I go Phillipine. ^-^

Unknown said...

allie - ya you are right. Basically I try each of the desserts though. ^-^

NKOTB - yes indeed!

ck lam - yes, you should go and try it with your family. ^-^

Steven Goh - You bring your girlfriend there. Wide spread of choices.

Food for Tots - Yes, you are right. I have not try their high tea yet and heard it's great. ^-^

Little inbox - yes, she fall in love with chocolate fountain when she first has it at "The View". ^-^

allenooi - can't wait to see your posts. ^-^

BBO - Yes, varieties of choices. shhhhhh...... better lower our voice, or else people know. :D

Anonymous said...

arr, wat credit card did u use for that to enjoy quite a great discounts?

pls email me sheuerh_saw@hotmail.com

thankss alot

Unknown said...

Anonymous - Please check your email. I email you already. Thanks for dropping by. ^-^

Grace Ann said...

Great pixs will definitely visit soon

Unknown said...

:) - Thanks. Hope you enjoy it! ^-^

Anonymous said...

hi there~
get ur link from mydear..
those food are really........urghh..im starving now! >.<

btw..may i know what credit card u use for the great discounts?
hehe..was thinking of celebrating some special day with mydear..

kindly email me.. : tar3panda@hotmail.com

thanks lotz!


Chin Chin said...

I am interested to know which credit card offers discount for dining at E&O and is the offer still valid today? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Anonymous - Email replied.

Tweet @ Chin - Sorry the credit card offer is not longer available. ^-^

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