Monday, 27 July 2009

Thai Garden Restaurant & Pub

During one outing, hubby is asking us what shall we have for dinner. And all of sudden, we kept quiet as cannot think of what we want. Then hubby suggest that we go for Thai foods. As we noticed a Thai restaurant along Light Street few months ago. Since there are no objection from my gal, we head down to town.
Restaurant address and contact numbers. For map location, please view
Outside of Thai Garden Restaurant & Pub
Today Special Menu and the business hour is from 11am till late night. (Open daily)
Interior of Thai Garden Restaurant & Pub. When we about to enter this shop, I notice that it is also a pub. Then I asked my hubby whether our little gal can go in or not. ^-^ Then hubby told me, one way to find out is to go in and see. lol So...... we were greeted by the waiter there and they lead us to the sitting area. You have to passed through their pub area then will lead you to the sitting area as above photo.
Table setting
Home Made Cocktail - Cranberry Juice
Homemade cocktail - Mango
Claypot Glass Noodles ~ RM16
This is the only dish that we ordered that are not spicy among the others. ^-^ And the noodles are nice but a bit too salty for our liking. There are many prawns in there but sorry I just realised that I did not took a photos of it. The mini claypot is very cute and nice. It's just like "masak-masak" that my gal plays. ^-^
Tom Yam Gong ~ RM14.50 course have to order some tom yam gong to try when we are dining in the Thai restaurant right? So, we ordered and try. The verdict is, I think I am the only one who finished the soup. ^-^ Both hubby and my gal found it is very spicy. However, my hubby can't stop himself to sip on the soup even he found it spicy as he loves it very much. He is so "tam chiak". lol Honestly, there are lots of ingredients and herbs in there. I don't mind to have it all by myself. *o*

Prawn with pineapple with special curry ~ RM16
Since we saw this on the today special menu while on our way into this shop, we decide to order it since my gal loves pineapple very much. This is not as spicy as the Tom Yang Gong but my gal still find it a bit spicy for her. But she loves it very much.
Gaeng Kieow Waan ~ RM16
My gal wants to order some green curry to try. But it turns out to be very spicy for her. She told me that she loves the flavours very much. There are lots of herbs in this green curry. And the aroma is very nice. Furthermore, the chicken is very tender.
If you like to try some Thai Food, you can drop by and give it a try. The service is very attentive. I noticed that there are quite numbers of people patronise this shop when I dine in there. And some seems like their regular customers.


New Kid on the Blog said...

:) I saw this also when I drove passed. But then am not really a Thai food fan.

Thks for sharing!

Selba said...

The green curry looks so good!

Anonymous said...

pineapple curry...i've tried this b4....really want to know how it taste...

ck lam said...

Saw this place before. Looks interesting as it also serve goulash besides Thai food.

Unknown said...

NKOTB - You are welcome. Well, we hardly have Thai foods as my gal and hubby can't take too spicy foods. But occasionally they loves to try some spicy food. lol

Selba - Tastes nice too.

SimpleGirl - Give it a try next time when you have the chance. ^-^ My gal loves it!

ck lam - Yes, you go and try their goulash and let me know ya! ^-^

worldwindows said...

I enjoyed their glass noodles esp the baked ones with lots of coriander roots, some lard pieces at the bottom and juicy prawns.

Big Boys Oven said...

waw, taste very nice lar! sounds like the north catch great thai cuisine compare to the central, am I right?

Big Boys Oven said...

waw, taste very nice lar! sounds like the north catch great thai cuisine compare to the central, am I right?

Little Inbox said...

I love Thai food. Shall go to find it one day, cuz I seldom go to town.

Duckie said...

i like thai food .. must go try this place soon

Unknown said...

worldwindows - Ah... there are lots of coriander roots and prawns in the glass noodles claypot. ^-^

BBO - I have not try the central thai cuisine yet. So, no comparison. ^-^

Little Inbox - Sure, it's easily located. Just opposite the court. ^-^

Duckie - Give it a try! And thanks for dropping by. ^-^

My Taste Heaven said...

never tried the pineapple curry before. Would give it a try!

allie said...

The claypot for the glass noodle so cute la! I love thai food! I guess I'd love the tom yam goong!

♥peachkins♥ said...

I love the curries and the drinks looks really refreshing too!!!

buzzingbee said...

there's really a lot of ingredients in the tom yam gong!!looks good

Unknown said...

Mt Taste Heaven - Hope to see your review soon. ^-^

allie - Yes agree, very cute. ^-^ Tom yam goong is good.

peachkins - yes indeed! ^-^

buzzingbee - yes lots and tastes nice and spicy though. :D

minchow said...

Tomyam & green curry, two absolute must haves at any Thai meal! Hmm trying to place in my memory where this restaurant is... any specific landmarks??

云の天空 said...

May i know where is the exact location of this Thai Food Restaurant? The Tomyam and Pineapple Prawn looks so tempting to me!!
I'm spice lover!!More spicy more yummy to me~~hehe

cariso said...

Not so spicy, meaning I boleh try hor?!

Food For Tots said...

My hubby and I love Thai food very much. The tom yam gong makes my mouth water now. Slurp!!

Unknown said...

550ml jar of faith - Just next to Dewan Sri Pinang or opposite the court house.

云的天空。我的世界 - Thanks for dropping by. I will add the google map for you. check it later. ^-^

cariso - I think boleh but certain dish is very spicy. Perhaps, you can tell them less spicy lor. ^-^

Food For Tots - The tom yam is nice. Try it when you come back. ^-^

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