Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Sungai Pinang Food Court

During the opening of Sungai Pinang Food Court, we went there over the weekend. And it was very crowded. I guessed because it's new opening, so every one is flocking in to try the foods offered in this food court. If hubby did not mentioned this place, I have all forgotten about this place. As when they are doing some renovation of the food court, we passed by there and saw their banner. Since one outing, hubby and gal want some hawker foods, so we headed to Sungai Pinang Food Court. Alan and Jian has blog about this place as well. Please pop by their blogs have more food choices.
During this outing, hubby and gal went around and ordered some of the foods below:
(You must be wonder, where am I right? I have to sit down and reserve place for them lor or else we cannot get a seat. lol)

Pineapple Chicken Rice
My gal wanna have some rice, and both hubby and gal chose this. The chicken is very tender and tastes nice but a bit spicy for my gal though.
Ikan Bakar
Hubby loves the ikan bakar and the fish. He is the one who almost finished the whole plate.
Belachan fried Chicken
You can find this belachan chicken stall in many location in Penang. And their deep fried belachan chicken tastes nice.
"So Tei" Soup with noodles
Since I told hubby that I want some soup. So he went to this stall that's sell all kind of soups. Hubby intend to order other soup for me but was told that the business is too good and was sold out. So he recommended hubby to try this" So Tei" soup. And you have the choice to go with rice or noodles. The stall owner kept telling hubby that their noodles are very tasty. So how could hubby reject it since it is recommended by the stall owner.
Hubby found that the noodles are ok. But wilI prefer some QQ textures. lol The soup base is ok only for my tastes bud. ^-^
hubby order himself a bowl of laksa to try and he comment that the laksa is just taste normal only.
Well, that's what we had for our dinner @ Sungai Pinang Food Court. There are still many stalls to explore, they even have desserts stall, fried rice stall, claypot rice stall and many more. Pop by there and try it out yourself.


Anonymous said...

everything look yummy....must b a nice place for good selection of Penang delights! Belacan Fried Chicken....I miss it!

Food For Tots said...

What is "So Tei" soup? Is it a black chicken herbal soup?

foodbin said...

the so tei soup is quite unique.

Rebecca Saw said...

yes the so tei soup is supposed to be very healthy...but errr..doesnt taste so good to me!

Selba said...

So tei? whoooo... that's so new for me.... would love to try it.

cariso said...

For that soup noodle/rice stall, agree with you. The pepper pig stomach soup I had also so so nia.

J2Kfm said...

that soup looks dark .... almost too intimidating. herbal-ish?

Little Inbox said...

The chicken rice looks the best among all. Never went there before.

ck lam said...

I like the so tei soup to go with rice.

Steven Goh said...

So Tei looks nice leh, is something like vinegar pork leg soup, yummy.
Btw, the no eyes deer post up dee? the boss asking dee :(

buzzingbee said...

so tei soup? first time hearing about it. what does it taste like?

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - There are lot of varieties to choose from. ^-^ Ya, I know you love belachan chicken very much. ^-^

Food For Tots - It's herbal soup. ^-^

foodbin - can find it in many places in Penang. ^-^

thenomadGourmand - ya.... if you don't like the tastes, you will not like it just as my MIL. ^-^ For me, it's ok.

Selba - Yes, it's some herbal soup. Not everyone loves it. Should give it a try!

cariso - Give me five! At least same tastes bud ah....

Unknown said...

J2Kfm - lol

Little Inbox - Should go and try it out. ^-^

ck lam - me too.... but since the stall owner ask hubby to try their noodle, hubby order noodle for me. ^-^

Steven Goh - Yes, posted up already. ^-^

buzzingbee - err.... herbal soup loh, a bit sweet.... try it out then you will know. ^-^

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