Monday, 12 January 2009

Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant Part III

For location please refer to here.
Since CNY is around the corner, I will blog more Chu Char style of foods. As during or before new year, people tend to going out for meals. One of the recommendations are:
Batu Maung Seafood Restaurant
Hubby and his colleagues went to this seafood restaurant to have lunch during November. Below are their orders:
(The photos are limited because hubby is using his mobile phone to capture and he has to do it quick as everyone is very hungry.)
Baked Oyster with cheese
Hubby orders this again because he wants his colleague to try. They all love it.

Stir fry frog with dried chilli and spring onion
Hubby comments that this dish tastes great and not too spicy.

Deep fried mini squids
This is yummy and tastes very nice and crunchy. lol

Bean curds with dried shrimp

This bean curds are really nicely done and taste good. If not mistaken, the bean curds are home made.

Deep fried siakap fish with special sauce.
Hubby could not remember the actual name of this dish. But he comments the fish is really fresh, crunchy, sour and bit spicy.

Stir fry asparagus with sambal
Overall...... hubby and their colleagues love the foods very much. And they are satisfied with their meals. lol
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