Sunday, 25 January 2009

Jade Blossom Restaurant

Since today is the eve of Chinese New Year 2009, I would like to wish my readers, friends and families,
"Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year"
Today, I would like to share with you the dinner that we had @ Jade Blossom Restaurant for PS farewell during November 2008. lol
Location: 1-1-22 Krystal Point 2, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel: 04-6438064
First, we go for some soup....... and the soup of the night is

Winter Melon Soup
The soup tastes very nice. The soup consists of winter melon, red dates, spare ribs.........

Bamboo Rice
Hubby insist us to try their bamboo rice as he tried that b4. So we order one each to try it out.

Sauce for the bamboo rice
You have to put some of this sauce to go with the bamboo rice. As for the tastes of the bamboo rice, I think nothing special. It is something like claypot rice that is served in a bowl rather than claypot.
Deep Fried Fish

Broccoli with scallops, prawns and fresh fish slice
It is a very nice dish. The scallops, prawns and fish slice is very fresh. and the broccoli tastes perfect as some tend to over cooked it. lol
Stir fry Ostrich Meat with black pepper
The ostrich meat is very tender.
Next, hubby order ........... "Jiang Su" Duck
Shredded duck in the process
After the waitress shredded the duck
Pancake skin for shredded duck
Spring onion
Following are the step by step of how hubby takes his Jiang Su duck:
Step 1 : Put a piece of pancake skin on a plate
Step 2: Brush some sauce on top of the pancake

Step 3: Put some spring Onion, cucumber and shredded duck

Step 4 : Wrap it together....... and start eating it....... lol
After our dinner, hubby suggests us to try "Yam Desserts" as he tried it b4. So we ordered one plate to share and try.
Yam desserts
We were told that this desserts is free for us as it is the last plate for the day. lol The desserts is actually a well blended yam and I think they add in coconut milk as well and serve with some gingkos. Hubby asked them not to add any sugar for the dessert as he like it that way but PS and me prefer to have a bit of sugar that will make it more fabulous. lol


Steven Goh said...

wao... nice, somemore got steps on how to wrap shreded duck. I like that too. Anyway, happy chinese new year to you too. May the new OX year bring better luck and prosperities :) Gong Xi Fa Cai

Anonymous said...

First time I see the duck is shredded.. what a sight

Happy Ox Year to you :) Gong xi Gong xi

Have Good Health, Great Wealth

CRIZ LAI said...

Aiya.. why you didn't ask me to go? Someone should pamper me to a dinner with all the sweating in the kitchen.. haha :P

Happy "Niu" Year M! :)

Anonymous said...

happy chinese new year!

Unknown said...

wow!!! what a feast... happy chinese new year to you and your family... :)

minchow said...

Love the look of all that shredded duck! The crepe doesn't look like the standard one they use for this dish though... nevertheless, looks like a winner!

cariso said...

Haha! the Imperial bowl! again...LOL!

Food Paradise said...

Steven Goh - Hahha..... just to make the blog more interesting. Happy "Niu" year to you too!

Vkeong - Happy "Niu" Year to you too!

Criz Lai - eh... that's the November meals. lol Happy "Niu" Year to you too!

Food Paradise said...

renaye and mikky - Thanks for dropping by and Happy "Niu" year!

550ml jar of faith - May be you should drop in and have a try!

cariso - Yes.... the imperial bowl. :P

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