Wednesday, 15 April 2009

ATAWOO Thai Restaurant @ Jalan Trengganu, Penang

During one weekend, hubby and my gal wanted to have some spicy foods for dinner. So they decided to have "Thai Food". Then hubby chose to go
ATAWOO Thai Restaurant
which located @ 80-S Trengganu Road, 10460 Georgetown, Penang.
(Opposite LYE LYE Food Court)
Business Hour: 11am to 3pm, 5 to 10pm
Contact: 017-4898142 (Ms. Ong)
Map Location
Ms. Ong is a very friendly person, you can call her to book for reservation especially during weekend. The restaurant have two part ~ air conditioning and non air conditioning. If you want to have air conditioning seat, please be there early or else you have to seat outside. ^o^
And for the night we ordered:
Deep Fried Squid
My gal and I enjoyed having this very much. The squid is so crispy and yet delicious. ^o^ The squid is so tender and fresh too.
White Tom Yam Seafood's Soup
While I am busy taking photos of other dishes, hubby and gal try this white tom yam seafood's soup. After their first sip........ my gal and hubby cant stand the spiciness...... ^o^ My gal expression is so funny.
According to Ms Ong, the white tom yam will be less spicy compare to other tom yam. And the tom yam has a very rich aroma of lemon grass, chili padi, dried chili.........
Inside the bowl of tom yam seafood's, you will find prawn, squids, fish fillet, mushrooms, slice of carrots, tomatoes and........
Since they find this soup spicy and I am the one who finished most of this. Although it is spicy for hubby but he still loves the soup and he have 2 bowl of this soup.
Stir fry vegetables
Lucky that they have this dishes which is non spicy apart from the deep fried squid. ^o^
Bean curd with Thai chili sauce

Green Curry Chicken
This is the first dish to arrive. We asked our gal which curry she prefers, red or green and she chose the later. When this arrived, she starts to dig in. But after the first spoon...... she told us that it is spicy.... but nice...... ^o^ She is like having one scoop of curry and follow up by many spoon full of rices. ^o^
So at the end I think I am the one who ate all the spicy foods. Then I asked them whether next time they would like to have any "Thai Foods"? And both of them told me.... "why not?" ^o^
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soo sean said...

spicy food....Yummy yummy. Can't wait to go for spicy food.

allie said...

The white tom yam got my vote!

Little Inbox said...

I'm a spicy food lover too. :)

ck lam said...

Have not been there for a long long time. The dishes that you had look delicious.

Maybe it's time for a revisit.

Anonymous said...

i love green curry....tried to cook at home b4 using the Thai green curry paste..not bad haha...

Selba said...

Love Thai food! The green cury looks so delicious.

Ah... I wish I can see your gals expression when they tried the Tom Yam soup, must be really cute :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

white tomyam looks good!!!!!!

firefly said...

The Tom Yam Soup looks so delicious and appetising.

email2me said...

White Tom Yam commonly known as Tom Som in Thailand. I love Tom Som more than Tom Yam as it use more ingredients to do the flavoring.

cariso said...

I am out. :)

Steven Goh said...

wah... is a nice place to makan thai food leh. If I go sure have to take more packs of tissue else sure will be very wet dee :)

sakaigirl said...

I've been here before! Love the food! Thumbs up!

buzzingbee said...

wah the tom yam looks appetizing!

Hehe your gal is very cute, can't take spicy but wants to try all the curry and tomyam!! :)

Unknown said...

soo sean - wow... you must be spicy food lover.... and hope you like it. ^o^

allie - I enjoy that too. ^o^

Little Inbox - wow... that's good. Next time we go spicy food ah.... ^o^

ck lam - yes.... should go revisit again. ^o^ wait to see your review.

Unknown said...

SimpleGirl - Then next time invite me to try ya.... ^o^

Selba - The green curry tastes nice. Too bad I did not capture that moment. ^o^

NKOTB - do drop by there and try it out with your hubby. ^o^

firefly - yes, indeed. ^o^

cariso - ya.... I know that. ^o^

Unknown said...

email2me - This is the first time I try the white tom yam and yes it tastes nice... with all the ingredients use. ^o^

Steven Goh - Yes, you should go and try it out and wait to see your review. ^o^

sakaigirl - Glad that you enjoyed the foods. ^o^

buzzingbee - Yes, it is very appetizing. Ya lor.... but at least she willing try. ^o^

minchow said...

I have been wondering about this place for a long time now, couldn't find any blog posts about it and never ventured to try it myself. I like the clear tomyam soup, the spicier the better!

Unknown said...

550ml jar of faith - When you come back Penang, give it a try!

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